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Story of Partners: SPARC

Single Parent Alliance and Resource Center (SPARC) operates on a mission to empower and equip single parents with the necessary tools, resources and support to create a healthy home environment and nurture their children into productive and successful adults. SPARC has been a crucial partner for the Motel to Home program, assisting 29 families move from motels into permanent housing in the last 3 months as part of the A Family A Day initiative.

Ariel, the Housing Coordinator for SPARC, has been with the organization for over 4 years. She is a single mother herself, who relates strongly with the obstacles that many of her clients face. She finds motivation and strength everyday from working with these families and hopes to contribute to building communities that value single parent families and their unique needs.

"I always go the extra mile to give my families a helping hand. It is a very rewarding feeling in the end once they are housed." -Ariel

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