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Story of Resilience: Sitting Down with Caroline

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

What is your name and when and where were you born?

“My name is Caroline and I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. I have two children and 10 grandchildren.”

What month/year did you first become homeless, and what led to becoming homeless?

“I first became homeless in 2019. I started staying in motels such as Motel 6 and Home One Extended Stay. This was really a hard time for me and my family because I had a lot of grandchildren staying with me in one room with very limited space. What led to my homelessness was that my landlord was trying to charge extra with late fees, but in actuality she was trying to take the house back and sell it for a higher price.”

How long have you been involved with Motel to Home? How did you initially learn about this program?

“I have been involved in the program for 2 months here at Chelsea Gardens Apartments. I learned about this program through my daughter as she was receiving motel assistance as well for permanent housing at these same apartments. We both were staying at the same motels and I felt it was best that she started the program first and become successful, and then I would start after.”

How did Motel to Home impact your child(ren)’s life?

“Honestly, the children were living in a motel, and it was quite embarrassing putting a motel as an address on certain documents for school records. When Covid-19 hit, kids became less motivated with school performance, but once we moved into a stable home, things seemed to get better.”

Did Motel to Home help you with identifying, setting and reaching personal goals?

“Yes, most definitely. Yes, this program helped me set a goal to focus on getting my bills and credit taken care of, as well as finish a master’s degree for school. I am studying Business.”

What are you most proud of?

“I am proud that I am an able to get on my feet and have a place to live.”

Can you give us a short quote about your experience with the program?

“So far, I think the program is fantastic, where I didn’t have a place to call home now, I have a place now I can call home and tell family to write and send cards to communicate.”

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