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Story of Resilience: Ivane's Story

Ivane and her 7 children were living in and out of extended motels for 5 years. With a household of 8 living in one room, it was difficult for Ivane to find permanent housing. One of her children’s schools put them in contact with Single Parent Alliance & Resource Center. They helped Ivane with every step of the housing process, and continue to check-in and provide financial workshops. Ivane is happy to be housed and have the space for her kids. Now, she wants to utilize the skills from the workshops to keep moving up.

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Me and my family are currently living out of our vehicle with our dog. I am looking for a permanent home. But, I’m on a fixed income. I will pay the rent every month. I’m just having a hard time finding a 3 bedroom. If anyone have any suggestions that will help me and my family, please let me know. We have no funds at the moment. My gas tank is to low to drive around to find places. But, I am making a lot of phone calls. But Im having a hard time because people say I need 2x or 3x the rent.

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