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Story of Resilience: Koren's Story

Koren and her grandkids lived in a motel for several months as recent evictions made it difficult to get an apartment. Frontline Housing helped place her into permanent housing through the Motel to Home Initiative. As a member of Frontline Housing’s Community Allies Program, Koren organizes events to build community in her apartment complex. Koren has organized a monthly field day where kids come to hula hoop and play wiffle ball! Koren’s goal is to continue saving to eventually own her own home.

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Please send me resources in my city Dublin ga I'm helping a young lady with the same story as of Sept she will have to return to motel to motel, gaining an apartment in my town only wants 640 credit score. No criminal record three times the rent in income . SSI SSA does not give that kind of money, application are on the waiting list commnity action ready to help but approval status, is slim in none, any ad vice will be appreciated

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