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Story of Resilience: Neeashia's Story

Neeashia began experiencing homelessness when she lost her job due to the pandemic. For the first three months, she rented rooms by the day struggling to make ends meet. Neeashia found steady employment, but with the high prices at the motel, she struggled to save. She stressed constantly about affording rent and keeping her 1-year-old daughter safe and stable. After eight months of staying in motels, her life changed when Frontline Housing reached out. Frontline Housing relieved some of her stress and worked with her to find permanent housing. Within a month of working with Frontline Housing, Neeashia was able to find permanent housing with a partner, Homes of Light. With the stability reliable housing provides, she can invest in her and her daughter’s future. Now she can look towards the future, increase her savings and focus on getting her GED.

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